Belgian Royal Siphon Coffee Maker Machine Palladium & Gold
Belgian Royal Siphon Coffee Maker Machine Palladium & Gold
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Details: Vintage
Belgian Royal Coffee Maker
Palladium & Gold
With Cut Crystal Glass
Made in Belgium

Original high end Belgian Royal Coffee Machine - Rare model - palladium & gold plated.

The first royal siphon coffee makers date back to the Napoleonic era - early 1800's Paris, France. Designed for French royalty as the ultimate coffee machine, hence the name - royal coffee maker.

In movies:
The original Belgian Royal Coffee Machine was featured in two movies - The Bucket List with Jack Nickolson and James Bond 007 with Pierce Brosnan.

How it works:
A kerosene burner is used to heat water in the boiler pot. The hot water is then forced through the siphon to the tall glass brewing tier containing the medium coarse ground coffee. This produces a temperature just below boiling, the perfect temperature for brewing! When all of the water is transferred to the glass brewing tier the boiler pot tips and the burner balance extinguishes the flame. The brewed coffee is then siphoned back into the metal pot with spout ready for serving.

The ultimate coffee machine!