Elektra Lever Espresso Machine Brass & Copper Esspresso Machine
Elektra Lever Espresso Machine Brass & Copper Esspresso Machine
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Details: Elektra Lever Espresso Machine
Brass & Copper Espresso Machine
Manufacturer's Warranty - Service and support included
U.S. 110v connection (for EU 220v connections please see other machines listed)
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Beautiful Belle Epoque design: Copper and brass finish on large round base (around 10' diameter), boiler, brewing group, steamdwand and water glass. Polished brass eagle situated on dome. Bakelite handles. Large, round base.
One Spring piston-operated grouphead: Lever idle position is up. The operator pulls down against the spring and holds it down until espresso starts to drip out of the portafilter. Then operator releases slowly the lever towards up until the operator feels the resistance of spring against espresso ground and can leave the lever alone traveling slowely up back to the idle position. The tension of the spring pushes against the piston and the piston drives the hot water through the coffee ground underneath. Variation for a double shot: The operator holds down the lever not only until the first drops are coming down but rather longer to extend the amount of water coming through the brewing group for two shots.
Brass piston: While other machines may have plastic pistons in the grouphead, the Elektra comes with brass piston to house two piston gaskets (upper and lower gasket). Plastic pistons can get brittle and crack over time with all the heat in the grouphead whereas the brass piston in the Elektra is a great add-on to maintain heat within the grouphead.
Durable brass boiler: Provides exceptionally dry steam for creating micro foam.
Pressure gauge: Shows steam pressure in boiler and needle in green zone indicates optimal time to extract espresso. Standard pressure ranges anywhere between 0.8 - 1.3 bar. Our machine is adjusted to 0.8 bar to provide the best extraction by still having a powerfull steam available.
Water level sight glass: Indicates level of water in boiler: Please be aware that this machine has not an automatic water refill pump. It is at the operator' discretion to refill water when the level of water as indicated in the water glass at the left of the machines reaches a low point of 1/3 of the visible water range in the water glass (the old fashioned way relaying in humans not electronics). If the operator might forget to refill water in time, heater heats boiler up until safety thermostate kicks out the heater (needs to be reset with a push button underneath of the machine). Please take into account that the safety thermostate should not be your way to get alerted to refill water since still a heat damage on the boiler is possible.
Armour-plated heating element: Rated at 800 Watts.
Physical boiler pressure relief valve: Located on top of boiler for safety.
Internal pressure regulator: Automatically regulates the temperature via boiler pressure to switch on and off the heater.
Built-in safety thermostat: Prevents meltdown if left without water - please note that you can still damage the heating element if the machine is run dry.


Measurements (w/ handle): 21" Height x 10.24" Width x 10.24" Depth
Weight: 24.25 lbs
Cup height underneath portafilter: 2.8"
Power: 800 watts, 110 volts, 60 hertz, 15 amps regular kitchen outlet.
Boiler capacity: 33.8 ounces (1.8 liters).
Filter basket size: 49-50 mm.
Made in Treviso, Italy.

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