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Rare Coffee Grinders


RARE - Modern (Art Deco) 1920's - 1960's
Vintage Coffee, Espresso and Turkish (powder) Grinders

Pe De Dienes Model 88 Coffee Grinder Gesto Mokka D.R. Pat. Coffee Grinder KyM Mokka Coffee Grinder Zassenhaus Mokka Coffee Grinder KyM Mokka Antique Coffee Grinder KyM Mokka Bakelite Coffee Grinder 

RARE - Modern (Art Deco) coffee & espresso grinders.
German - Pe De Dienes, Robert Zassenhaus, KyM / K & M - Kissling & Müllmann, Gesto and Burg Mühle.

rare antique vintage modern Art Deco coffee espresso grinders

Brass Coffee Grinders


RARE - Full Brass 1800's - 1960's
Vintage Espresso andTurkish (powder) Grinders

Pe De Dienes D.R.G.M. Coffee Grinder Holtzendorff Coffee Grinder Pe De Dienes Mokka Coffee Grinder Classic Biedermeier Full Brass Coffee Grinder Classic Jugendstil Full Brass Coffee Grinder Pe De Dienes Full Brass Coffee Grinder 

RARE - The oldest conical burr coffee grinder design.
Full brass and nickel plated brass.
Espresso and Turkish powder grinders.
German - Pe De Dienes, Zassenhaus and Holtzendorff.

rare antique vintage full brass espresso grinders

Extremely Rare Coffee Grinders


RARE - Antique 1800's - early 1900's
Vintage Coffee Grinders

Goldenberg Antique Coffee Grinder Zassenhaus Vintage Coffee Grinder Pe De Dienes Vintage Coffee Grinder Zassenhaus Jugendstil Coffee Grinder Goldenberg Antique Coffee Girinder FB Tre Spade Vintage Coffee Grinder 

EXTREMELY RARE - Classic antique vintage European coffee grinders.
American, French, Italian, German - Pe De Dienes, Robert Zassenhaus, Goldenberg, K & M / Kissling & Müllmann and F & B Tre Spade.

extremely rare classic antique vintage coffee espresso grinders

Coffee Grinder Museum


The Scarce - Antique 1700's - early 1900's
Vintage Coffee Grinders

19th Century Coffee Grinder Goldenberg Biedermeier Coffee Grinder 19th Century Biedermeier Coffee Grinder 19th Century Pe De Dienes Coffee Grinder Goldenberg Wall Mount Coffee Grinder 1800's Goldenberg Antique Coffee Grinder 

Shop the Vintage Coffee Grinders Museum -
The RAREST antique vintage coffee grinders.
American, French, Italian, German - Pe De Dienes, Goldenberg, F B Tre Spade, Peugoet Freres, Zassenhaus.

rarest antique vintage museum coffee esrpesso grinders

Electric Espresso Grinders


Electric Espresso Coffee Grinders
Rare Vintage and Professional

Original Quick Mill Espresso Grinder Mill Casadio Vintage Espresso Grinder Quick Mill Vintage Espresso grinder Espresso Grinder Espresso Mill Espresso Mill 

TOP QUALITY espresso coffeee bean grinders and mills.

Italian - Faema, Quick Mill, Casadio, Anfim, Farretti, Fiorenzato.

electric espresso coffee grinders mills

Espresso Machines


Espresso Lever, Moka Pot, Belgian Royal, Vintage Coffee Machines
Rare Vintage Espresso and Coffee Machines

La Pavoni Lever Espresso Machine Elektra Espresso Machine Gaggia Espresso Machine Mokka Machine Faema Espresso Machine French Coffee Maker

TOP QUALITY espresso machines, lever espresso machines, moka pot makers, coffee machines.
Italian -
Gaggia, Elektra, Faema, La Pavoni.

antique espresso lever coffee moka makers machines

Coffee Roaster


Coffee Bean Roasters
Rare Antique Vintage
From Stove Top to Professional

Le Grain Antique Vintage Coffee Bean Roaster Henneman Antique Vintage Coffee Bean Roaster Antique Vintage French Coffee Bean Roaster Antique French Coffee Roaster  Parisian Vintage Coffee Roaster  Stove Top Vintage Coffee Roaster

TOP QUALITY coffee bean roasters - antique vintage, home - stove top, sample roasters, professional and commercial.

American, French, Dutch & German - Royal, Legrain, H. Allois, Repiquet, Henneman, Probat.

vintage coffee bean roasters

Coffee Roasters


Coffee Grinder / Mill Hoppers and Catch Cups
Rare - Hard to Find Accessories

Antique Vintage Coffee Bean Hopper Antique Vintage Coffee Grinder Hopper Antique Vintage Coffee Bean Hopper Large Antique Vintage American Coffee Grinder Hopper Wall mount coffee grinder catch cup Zassenhaus wall mount coffee grinder catch cup replacement 

Hard to find original vintage coffee grinder replacement parts.

Coffee Grinder / Mill Hoppers, Wall Mount Glass Catch Cups, Burrs and more.

original vintage coffee grinder replacement parts

Coffee Grinders

Vintage Coffee Grinders - Info

Vintage Coffee Grinders, Espresso Grinders, Coffee Roasters, Espresso Machines